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Inexpensive Ideas and Activities For Those
Who Are Still Young At Heart

Young at Heart Play Ideas Include:

Did you know that kids play or Young at Heart Play can be therapeutic for those who are Young at Heart?

One of the nice things about being a parent is that you can once again enjoy playing as you now have an excuse to do it again.

My Mom enjoys being a grandmother. As my kids grew up, she enjoyed "Grandma Testing" all of the toys she gave them. It was the family joke that all toys had been "Grandma Tested."

Playing with kids toys and activities gives you a chance to go back to a simpler time - a chance to escape a hectic stressful life style.

  • Coloring Books
    How long has it been since you colored in a coloring book. Buy a simple coloring book and crayons. Coloring allows you to focus in on the task as your mind works through your problems. You are busy with the task at hand, but because it is simple to do, your mind can go other places.
  • Bubbles
    Get a bottle of bubbles. Take the bottle outside and blow through the hoop to make the bubbles. See how many you can make at one time. Enjoy the colors reflecting in the bubbles. How many colors can you see? See how long you can make a bubble last. See how big of a bubble you can blow. Take pleasure in the simple things.
  • Marbles
    How about playing with marbles? Even if you don't play the usual marble game, rubbing marbles around your hands can be very relaxing. Put some marbles on the floor and pick them up with your toes to keep your feet flexible. Roll your feet over them for a great massage. Who would have guessed that marbles could be so useful!
  • Writing
    How about writing your life experiences? Each of us have very individual experiences, and it is great to write them down before we forget them. Our posterity will be glad we did. It can be a diary or journal or perhaps a life history. Don't worry about spelling and grammar. Just write like you talk. It will preserve who you are.
  • Scrapbooking
    Scrapbooking is another way to get down some of the family history. It does not have to be elaborate. Just putting down the photos and writing a little about what happned in each picture and why you took the picture is enough. Even just writing the names of the people in the photo and the approximate date on the back of the photo will be appreciated when you are no longer around or you can't remember.

Do something you enjoy. What did you like doing as a kid? Do it, and it helps reconnect you to your past.

This video about how to Unlock the Child in You will give you some ideas.

Enjoy playing. Be in the moment. Be Young at Heart. Young At Heart Play will help keep you young.


"You're Never Too Old to Play"

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