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Mining Your Trash

What trash do you normally throw out that could be used for toys, craft projects, or organization?

Look at things in a whole new light. Be creative. Before you throw it out, think "How can I use this?" or "What could I use this for?"

Could a broken item have some good parts left that could be used for something else?

Here are some possible items:

  • Plastic containers with lids
    • Stacking containers (fit inside each other and can be stacked)
      Storing small pieces of toys or puzzles
  • Baby wipe plastic containers
  • Tops of bottles and spray containers -- anything colorful but still large enough that it can't be put into the mouth
  • Plastic milk jugs
    • Cut off to get a container
      Cut apart and use as plastic material
      Cut out "silverware" for a play kitchen
  • 1/2 gallon paper containers
    • Make large blocks.
      Cut off at about 4". Add dirt and plant seeds.
  • Tops of bottles and spray containers -- anything colorful but still large enough that it can't be put into the mouth
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Cereal boxes
    • Cardboard
      Magazine containers
  • Egg cartons
    • sorting
  • Buttons from worn out clothing
  • Broken small appliances
    • Use for parts to create new things or inventions

Please check out Mining Your Junk Mail page or Play Materials for other ideas.

You probably have your own ideas for what to do with your trash. You may have thought of a new use for the things you throw away that I never would have come up with. Please take time to share with us, and I will share it with everyone.

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