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Toddler Play

Inexpensive Ideas and Activities to Interact
and Play with Your Toddler

Toddler Play is very important to your child.

Through play, your toddler can try out different activities, roles, and things that are happening in his or her life.

Try out some of the activities below. Share with us what works for you.

  • Role Playing
    Toddlers like to pretend to be firemen, policemen, postmen, construction workers, detectives, or other people whom they come in contact with in their daily lives. Reading a story about one of them and letting them act it out afterwards is a good way to reinforce what they have learned.
  • Lacing Cards
    Create your very own personalized lacing cards with scraps.
  • Create Your Own Storybook
    Have your child tell you a story. You write it down in his or her words. Then you draw the pictures to illustrate it even if it is just stick figures. It will probably become your child's favorite book to read later on. It is something you can enjoy as you create it and then later as you read it together.
  • Drums
    Inexpensive ideas to create drums, drums sticks, and rhythms for your kids to use around the house.
  • Outdoor Play Area
    Ideas for how to create a small controlled outdoor play area for the children in your life. Children love to play outside when given a safe opportunity.
  • Making You Own Play Mats
    Find out how you can make your child's own play mats from inexpensive materials and customize it for where you live.

Other Toddler Play Resources

Toddler Activities At Home
Toddler Activities at home where you will find help on how to stimulate, train, teach and most importantly love having your little ones with you.

Toddler In The Kitchen
Your toddler may be too young to help with cooking activities but we have some ideas with having your toddler in the kitchen with you.

Free Toddlers Activity and Discipline Guide
This free toddlers' activities page has a nice selection of toddlers' games, songs, and jokes along with free toddlers' birthday party games. Keep scrolling down the page for a listing of A-Z Toddler Activities. Don't miss out on the free downloads for classic children's books that you can read with your toddler near the bottom of the page.


"You're Never Too Old to Play"

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