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Tin Can Stilts

Here is an old fashioned way to make tin can stilts. Kids enjoy being taller than they really are. This is a fun, inexpensive way to let them do it.

  • For higher stilts, use a juice type tin can. For lower ones use a wide fruit tin can.

  • You will need two cans of either size you would like.

  • You will also need a straight can opener that has a V shaped end.

  • Instead of cutting the hole with the can opener in the top like you would normally do, cut one hole on the side. Cut a second hole straight across from it.

  • To be safe around the kids, cover up the cut parts with masking or electrical tape so there are no sharp edges. You will need to do this step.

  • Then you will need a thick string or rope. Run the rope through both holes and make it long enough that the rope will come to the waist of the child. Tie the rope with a square knot or other knot that won't come apart. Repeat for the second tin.

To walk with the stilts, have the child stand on the cans. Give them a rope to hold in their hand matching with the foot on that side. In other words, the left foot is on the left can, and the left hand holds the rope for the left can. The right foot is on the right can. and the right hand holds the rope for the right can.

Now the child has to pull up on the rope at the same time that they lift that foot.

Repeat with each foot and hand to walk around.

It may seem awkward at first, but the kids will pick up how to do it pretty fast.

They can have races to see who can walk the farthest without falling off if there is more than one child.


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