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To Do With Your Teen

Teens or teenagers can be a challenge to involve in teen play. Parents and family are no longer "cool" to be with. Teens think parents don't know anything. Hang on; this time will pass.

But it is still important to make connections with your teens.

  • A Family Game Night once a week can help the family to continue developing closeness.

  • One on one time with each parent can also be very valuable.

  • Take a picnic to a park.

  • Take the teen shopping.

  • Make a family snowman in winter.

  • Have them play with younger brothers or sisters if there are any.

  • Have them help out at church with other people's kids.

  • Have them help out with work around the house.

  • Gardening is a good activity. It is not so much for the foods grown as it is for the lessons learned.


"You're Never Too Old to Play"

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