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A Sleeping Baby Needs Noise

Why would a sleeping baby need noise, you ask? A newborn baby can sleep through anything, so you don't have to tiptoe around the house or worry about a doorbell or telephone ringing. If babies learn to sleep with noise, they vwill not wake up if there is normal activity in the house.

We become accustomed to the noise around us. We once lived just a few houses away from a tool factory that had large stamping equipment that made a loud thumping sound on a regular basis both day and night. After living there a while, we didn't even hear the noise any more. In fact, on Sundays, we would realize that something was different and then discover that the thumping had stopped.

Living by railroad tracks produces a similar effect. When we lived near railroad tracks, we became accustomed to that sound and didn't even notice the train sounds any more. People visiting us would wonder how we could stand the sounds, but It's all what you become used to!

We also become accustomed to the sounds our houses and appliances make. We don't notice them anymore, but someone visiting asks what that sound is.

Then we have to draw our attention to it to see what they are talking about. Oh, that is just the refrigerator or the furnace or whatever. We just are not aware of it on a conscious level anymore.

A baby who learns to sleep only if the house is quiet will grow up to be a child who is a very light sleeper. So for everyone's sake, don't keep quiet when the baby is tryiing to sleep.

As the children grow up sleeping with noise, they will also be able to focus better even in noisy environments. When they are grown and can sleep anywhere with any noise and can focus in on the things they need to do even in a noisy environment, life will be so much easier for them.


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