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Inexpensive Simple Activities for Kids Play which Unleash Creativity and Imagination in Children of All Ages for those Nothing to Do Times.

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Main Divisions

Baby Play
Baby Play Shares Ideas and Activities to Interact and Play with the Baby or Babies in Your Life.

Toddler Play
Toddler Play shows simple and inexpensive activities that you can do with your toddler.

Preschool Play
Preschool Play Shares Inexpensive Simple Ideas and Activities for Preschool Age Children.

Elementary Play
Elementary Play Shares Ideas and Activities to Interact with the Elementary Aged Children in Your Life.

PreTeen Play
Preteen Play Shares Inexpensive Simple Activities To Do With Your PreTeen

Teen Play
Teen Play Shares Inexpensive Simple Ideas For Activities To Do With Your Teen.

Young Adult Play
Young Adult Play Includes Inexpensive Ideas For Play When You Are A Young Adult

Young At Heart Play
Young At Heart Play includes ideas and activities for those who are still Young at Heart


Organization Ideas
Inexpensive Organization Ideas for Kids Toys and Rooms

Play Materials
Ideas for cheap play materials to use with your children.

Mining Your Junk Mail
How to look at your junk mail as a gold mine for materials for kids toys, activities,

Mining Your Trash
Use your trash as a source of supplies for kid's toys, activities, and crafts.

How to find and create stickers that children will love to play with.

Garbage Bag Aprons and Other Coverups
Directions for how to make quick, disposable garbage bag aprons for coverups when cooking, painting, doing crafts, or doing other messy tasks.

Purchased Items
Recommended purchased items that can be used to create kid's toys, activities, or crafts.


Contact Me
For Comments and/or Questions at

About Me Page
About Me is where you find out about the Simply Kids Play owner.

Share Your Ideas
Have a great play idea?Share it so all can see it.

Ask Grandma
Have a question about your child and play? Here's how to get your answers.

Ask Grandma Answers
Read the Ask Grandma Answers page to see what advise that Grandma gives.

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Seasonal Ideas

Seasonal Play
Find out ways to include seasonal play in your activities for the holidays and other seasons.

Valentine Bouquet
Create an inexpensive Valentine Bouquet for those you love from things around the house.

March Activities and Crafts for St. Patrick's Day
Celebrate the Wearin' of the Green with inexpensive March Activities and Crafts for St. Patrick's Day.

Decorating Easter Eggs
Learn how to color and decorate Easter eggs without buying a kit.

Lazy Days of Summer Kids Play
Activities for summer kids play so the kids don't drive you crazy.

Cheap Hula Costume
Create a fun, inexpensive hula costume for any age including a skirt, lea, headpiece, wrist and anklet bracelets.

Halloween Ideas
Inexpensive Halloween Ideas for Costumes, Play, and Activities

Christmas Ideas
Inexpensive Christmas Ideas for Play, Activities, and Decorating.


Playing Store
Gather up your recylables and give them to your kids so they can be playing store.

A Sleeping Baby Needs Noise
Find out why noise is good for a sleeping baby.

No Sew Easy Dolls
Create your own no sew easy dolls from a piece of fabric such as a washcloth, pillowcase, or even tissues.

Outdoor Play Area
How to create a small controlled outdoor play area for the children in.

Sandbox Alternatives
Find out different alternative ideas to create a traditional

Chair Train
How to create your very own chair train.

Lacing Cards
Create your very own personalized lacing cards with scraps.

Sock Ball
Find out how create a sock ball from an ordinary pair of socks and create fun activities using it.

Inexpensive ideas to create drums, drums sticks, and rhythms for your kids to use around the house.

Tin Can Phone
Find out how to create your own tin can phone.

Tin Can Stilts
How to create tin can stilts from common materials and let your child enjoy being taller.

Homemade Puzzles
Create your own jigsaw puzzles from things around the house.

How to Make Tissue Carnations
Learn how to make tissue carnations from simple materials available from around the house.

Car Activities
Find out car activities you can play with your children to keep them thinking while you are traveling.

The Budgeting Money Game
Making a game out of Budgeting Money.

Poor Man Cookie
Poor Man Cookie is a quick and easy recipe for a treat using only three ingredients which you can make with your kids.

Making You Own Play Mats
Find out how you can make your child's own play mats from inexpensive materials and customize it for where you live.

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