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Playzine March 2008

Welcome to Playzine March 2008.
Below is the March 2008 version:

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Are you ready for spring yet? In Ohio, where I am, it has been a long winter. Although the worst storms have by-passed us, we have still had plenty of snow.

So what does that mean for playing? How about a Winter Picnic if it is still snowing in your area. Check it out at

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is your summer, have a summer picnic. Check it out at

If you don't want to go outside and have a picnic, how about a change of pace and have a picnic inside on the living room or family room floor. Spread a blanket out. Get your picnic gear and pretend its warmer weather.

If it is still cold in your area, dress warm and go to your local ice cream stand. You know Spring is just around the corner when it opens up again. Celebrate its opening.

March is typically the celbration of the green or St. Patrick's Day at least in the USA. What can you do special to celebrate it with your family?

Some cities have special parades. Check and see if yours does. A parade can be fun to watch. Take a chair or blanket to sit on.

Make a special green tipped carnation out of a tissue.

Make our own shamrock out of circles.

Have a special celebration for the first day of spring. What are your family traditions for spring? Share them with us, and we will share with everyone.

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Remember -- You're Never Too Old to Play!

Have a great March! Thanks for reading Playzine March 2008.

Karen Jones

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