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Organization Ideas

For Kids Toys and Rooms

Organization of toys and kids rooms can be a challenge at times. You start out with just a few toys. Then they multiply. Add a second or third kid and they quadruple.

Each birthday and Christmas brings more. One has to get rid of some of the toys to make room for the new ones.

Here are some ideas to organize those toys:

  • Bags
    Cloth bags can be purchased or made. A drawstring at the top is helpful to close them. They can hold many things with parts. Group all like things in them.

    Plastic bags will work for a short time to do the same thing, but they will get punctured eventually and no longer work.

  • Boxes
    Save boxes that you receive to corral toys. If you don't have enough boxes, go to your grocery store and ask when they get rid of their boxes. Some will save them for you. Some groceries have them out with the product and you can just take them.

  • Popcorn Tins
    At Christmas time and other holidays, popcorn in tins is a very popular gift. Save the cans when you empty them and use them for toy storage. Ask others to save them for you also.

  • Food Containers
    Look at all food containers you are about to through away. Could they be a useful container for toys. Plastic sherbet and ice cream containers are nice because they have lids.

  • Puzzles
    Mark the same number or letter on the back of each puzzle piece for each different puzzle. When you find a piece around the house, you will know what puzzle it goes with.

  • Rotating Toys
    Box up part of the toys. Rotate them each day or each week. By not seeing the toys for a while, the kids will enjoy them all over again.


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