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March Activities and Crafts

St. Patrick's Day -- Wearin' of the Green

March Activities were very important when I was in elementary and junior high because I went to school in a town called Dublin.

Shamrocks were an important symbol.

St. Patrick's Day were celebrated very seriously with a Parade and other activities.

School tradition was that you wore something green or you got pinched.

Of course, our school colors were green and white.

How to Make a Shamrock:

If you don't have green paper, use green food coloring and water in a tray. Lay the paper in there until it is the desired color. Carefully take it out and let it dry on a cookie rack.

You might use green water colors or green tempra paint to color the paper also.

Or use green crayons or green colored pencils.

Use a small glass to draw around for the circles.

Cut four or five circles.

     OO      O
     OO     OO
       \          \

Use the extra circle to make a slice for the stem. Just cut along the edge about 1/2 inch for about 1/3 of the circle. Cut a diagonal at the bottom edge.

Glue together as the diagram above suggests.

If you make the circles small enough, you could wear it.

Or use a bigger ones for decorations.

Another Type of Shamrock:

Another way is to cut 3 or 4 hearts and put them together.

You can make a heart easily if you draw an "m" without the left line (in other words two humps) and then put a "v" underneath it.

Other Ideas:

Make a tissue carnation and use a green marker to color the tips of the flower.

Check out the March 2008 Archives of my monthly newsletter, Playzine for more ideas for March Activities.


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