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Mining Your Junk Mail

Did you ever think that your junk mail could be like a gold mine?

Use it for your crafts and other projects. It is an ultimate form of recycling.

The most obvious use would be scrap paper. If there is a letter that has a blank side, save it as scrap paper. Use it to color on, make lists, or anything you would use paper for.

Envelopes can be opened up for more paper. Some envelopes such as security envelopes have designs on the inside that can be used plain or colored and used in other crafts.

Give it to the kids along with scissors, and glue or glue stick and let them make a collage.

Cut out words and make a story out of them.

9x12 envelopes can be opened at both ends to make a tunnel or opened and used as a big piece of paper.

Scrap paper can be put under other projects to protect your working surface. This is especially good when using glue, glue sticks, or rubber stamps. Just throw it away when you are done.

Use the plastic or cardboard credit card samples as paint spreaders. They can pull the paint along and be used instead of brushes. You can cut designs in the edges to get more looks.

If you get sample CDs, they can be used as a paint palette. You can also glue paper over them and decorate any way you wish.

If you receive address labels from charities, cut off the pictures and let the kids use that part as stickers. You can still use the address part.

Even if there is print on both sides of the paper, you can tear them up into little pieces and put in a blender with water and make a slurry that can be poured over a screen to make new paper. Sort the papers by color for maximum effect.

So be sure to open all of your junk mail to see what can be reused. It is your source for free craft supplies.

You may want to designate a box or other container where you can collect these treasures for your projects.

Please check out Mining Your Trash page for other ideas.

You probably have your own ideas. You may have thought of some other uses for junk mail I never have come up with. Please take time to share with us, and we will share with everyone.

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