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No Sew Easy Dolls

Need quick and easy dolls to amuse your child?

This is especially useful when you don't have a favorite toy with you. Create them from things you have around you. You don't even have to sew if you don't want to.

Suggestions for Types of Dolls:

    Handkerchief Doll
    Pillowcase Doll
    Blanket Doll
    Washcloth Doll
    Fabric Doll
    Tissue Doll

Take a small piece of fabric such as one of the above items. Fold in half diagonally. Put some stuffing in the center -- rags, old socks, old pantyhose.

Tie something below it to make head. Use ribbon, string, rubber band, etc. Tie firmly around the bottom with a knot that does not pull out.

Take the opposite ends of the diagonal and tie knots in each end for hands. In the case of the blanket or washcloth, you may need to also tie ribbon or string around the ends if the fabric is too thick to tie itself.

You can even make no sew easy dolls from two tissues:
  • Tear or cut two strips from the short end of the tissue or with the grain so that it tears easily.

  • Tear the remaining piece of tissue in half down the center. Wad it into a ball.

  • Place it in the center of the other tissue.

  • Fold the second tissue over the wad.

  • Use one of the strips to tie off the "head." Be sure not to pull too tight or the tissue belt will break.

  • Pull out the two opposite corners for arms.

  • Take the second strip and tie it under the arms. Tie gently so the belt doesn't break.

  • If you want a tighter look, then twist each arm and leg.

You can always entertain a child or show them how to make one. This one is not for the young children who still put things in their mouths as the tissue would dissolve and could make them sick.

But for older children, it can be a diversion, especially if you find yourself somewhere with them and nothing to do such as waiting in a doctor's office.

All of these dolls have no faces. They can have legs if you tie them off also or can be left without legs to be like a dress.

These can be fancied up with lace or other embellishments if you care to sew, but it is not necessary. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them.

But the imagination does not stop there, these easy dolls can be made into anything a little girl or boy can imagine.


"You're Never Too Old to Play"

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