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This is the place that I will post the Ask Grandma Answers. Read the Questions and Answers to see what advise that Grandma gives.

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My child always wants to be on the computer.
What can I do about it?

Set a time limit for your child.

Use some sort of a timer.

When the timer rings after your pre-determined time, then it is time to do something else.

Make a list with your child of other activities he or she can do.

Then when the bell rings, have him or her pick one of those approved things from your to do list.


What activities do you have on your site for disabled children? -- Angela

I do not have specific activities for disabled children because there are too many different types of disabilites.

What I can say is that disabled children are trapped in a bodies that do not function correctly for whatever reason, but it is important to make use of the abilities that each child does have.

Their minds are working even if their bodies can't work correctly, so it is important to stimulate them with things around them.

If they can hear, read to them and talk to them like an adult. Show them things.

If they can't see, describe things to them. Let them touch things.

Get down to their eye level and make eye contact whenever you can. Their eyes are usually very expressive.

Let them do as much as they can themselves.

You may find that some of my activities can be adapted to the functions they do have. Only you can know for sure.

If they don't have language abilities, those closest to them will figure out ways and body language that tell them what it is they are trying to get across.

And most of all touch them, hold them, and love them. The human connection is very powerful. Some of the most loving spirits are housed in very disabled bodies. Learn from them too.

Please take time to renew yourself also, so you can be there for your special child. They do take a lot of time and care. You are special too for being able to take care of them.


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